22/05/2025 – Hands-on – 19-21h CET

Innovation approaches that work across and for the entire organization

It is hard to underestimate the importance of innovation. It is the lifeblood of any business. However, its realization causes headaches in many companies. In this session, we share how to avoid the pains associated with innovating effectively and achieve effective cross-team collaboration. In this session, we will consider the following:

  • Setting the stage for Holistic Organizational Innovation
  • Scientific findings on successful organizational innovation strategies
  • The dimensions that foster innovation (integrating the accountability for innovation in every role, developing handling of complexity to deal with innovation, and integration of different perspectives in teams)
  • The limits of Agile ways of working and how to overcome them
  • Developing effective cross-functional collaboration: linking pin roles, performance indicators, and decision-making practices

The individual participation fee is 80 Euro (excluding VAT). You can transfer this amount via PayPal. This way, you also confirm your registration.

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