22/11/2023 – Hands-on – 19-21h CET

The Future of Multi-stakeholder Dialogue

The future of many companies depends on how they can build ecosystemic collaborations. Open innovation, circularity, and reverse logistics are just a few examples where building collaboration must be realized between parties with often divergent goals, perspectives, and interests. Working from one shared mission, vision, and strategy is very difficult. A layered decision-making process and governance also often intrude.

How can you build trust? How do you agree on who does what in a context where the perspective on what needs to be done shifts? Through what kind of monitoring and evaluation do you track whether the governance set-up is working, and how do you adjust it?

In this hands-on session, we approach these questions pragmatically and based on recent research. We provide eight principles for successful cooperation from diversity and with respect for diversity.

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