06/06/2024 – Integrated learning experience – 9-17 u

Developing collaborative intelligence

In this one-day program, we share the essentials of creating collaborative intelligence.

As a participant, you will gain insight into:
– the essence of collaboration intelligence and why it leads to winning teams.
– how collaboration intelligence looks different at different organizational levels and the corresponding consultation structures.
– how to strengthen your project approach methodologies to achieve practical collaboration intelligence.
– how to critically facilitate team collaboration and integrate different perspectives.

The program’s interactive sessions, group activities, case studies, and real-world examples will help participants internalize and apply the approach practically within their teams or organizations.

Jan De Visch and Andreas Bierwolf will facilitate the interactive learning experience. It will continue online. We start punctually at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm.

The individual participation fee is 300 Euro (excluding VAT). You can transfer this amount via PayPall. This way, you also confirm your registration.

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