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The App

Makes the quality of collaboration transparent, based on the relationship between the design of work and the way employees interpret their work.

Two modules: (1) Story generator, and (2) Values mirror

Story generator: Why a role/function exists (role design)

  • Capture the essence of work in a storyline
  • Explains the (in)coherence between four key accountabilities:
    • What difference should I make to customers and stakeholders?
    • What difference should I make towards improvement & innovation?
    • What difference should I make in the management of resources?
    • What difference should I make to planning & coordination?
  • The interplay between roles: overlaps and distances
    • What decision-making mandate does the role/function holder have?
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Values mirror: How role holders interpret their role (perspective of role holder)

  • Objectivizes the thinking space of the role/function holder
    • Motivational field
      • From what perspective do I interpret what I should do and for whom?
      • Where are my strengths, pitfalls, and core challenges?
    • Problem handling
      • From what perspective do I create options?
      • Which is my nearby zone of development?
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What the App makes possible

The App strengthens collaborative intelligence in transformation processes, both at the individual, team and organizational level.

Dynamic collaboration

What is it?

  • Dynamic collaboration occurs when an upward movement emerges in teams, enhancing collaborative intelligence.

How does dynamic collaboration arise?

  • Dynamic cooperation is created by improving the quality of the mutual and inner dialogue.

In the mutual dialogue the integration of the storylines in five key conversations is central.

In the inner dialogue we focus on the development of a double listening, i.e. the perspective that the other and you take and that determine how the storyline is effectively realized.

Five conversations

Double listening

News & activities

International Book Launch

International Book Launch ‘Practices of Dynamic Collaboration: A Dialogical Approach to Strengthening Collaborative Intelligence in Teams’ on May 26st, at 17:00 CET/11am EST, by Jan De Visch en Otto Laske.

International Dynamic Collaboration Master Class

International Dynamic Collaboration Master Class. A groundbreaking introduction to how employees can learn to think and act together in a different way. On 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 of October from 15:00-18:30 CET/9am-12:30 EST, by Jan De Visch.

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A network of experienced multidisciplinary professionals who feel connected by the dream of creating better workplaces.

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