18/10/2023 – Hands-on – 19-21h CET

The Future of Cross-divisional Decision Making

This hands-on session discusses how to approach cross-divisional projects and programs working more effectively.

Here, we start from observations from cognitive psychology research, namely that people evolve:

– From an egocentric worldview to a more social and systemic perspective.

– Towards an increasing degree of critical thinking.

– Towards an increasing awareness of conscious interdependence and responsibility.

– Towards a broadening of their learning styles;

– From an individualistic to a more collaborative identity, where co-creation and collaboration are essential.

In practice, the above means that in project and program management, you have to deal with totally different perspectives of participants. Clear objectives, clear roadmaps and milestones, sharp indicators, and even good agreements on who does what are insufficient for projects to succeed. Agreements are reinterpreted, timelines are not followed, and budgets are exceeded.

We deal with what you can add and do differently to achieve connected project and program management and better results.

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